Save filtered data from a Repeating Group to DB


Is there a way to save filtered data from a Repeating Group directly to the Bubble DB?

E.g.: I have a Repeating Group with filters configured on it, I have applied a filtered and now the RG shows filtered data with 5 rows. Now I want to save these 5 rows in a table in Bubble DB. Is this possible? If yes, how?

Sure it’s possible… just refer to the RG’s list in the list field you’re trying to set (assuming you’re talking about a list field).

If not, then use a recursive backend workflow (or schedule a backend workflow on a list) to create a new database entry for each item in the RG’s list.

For the fields where data type is some other table, it’s not working (as it’s not a list) and for the fields where data type is text, it’s saving the multiple rows (5 in this case) in one cell as comma separated values. How can this be avoided?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do…

What are you trying to save? (if not a list of the things in question)

Assume that I have below repeating group to which I have applied some filters. The filtered data shows me 2 rows now I want to save these 2 rows in a separate table in the DB. The catch here is that each column of this RG has a different data type.