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Saving an image from an external URL into the Bubble database

So I currently have an upload element where the initial source is set equal to an external URL of an image. I’d like to then save that image file to the Bubble database but it’s only saving the URL, not the file itself. Is there any way get it to actually save the file?

There is using a bit of code and Blockspring, where you can get the actual data and make that what the block returns (in that case we save it to s3), otherwise no, not really.

Why is it important?

I need to do that in order to use imgpix to transform image, doesn’t seem like I can use imgpix on an image that is not hosted on bubble. Any chance you could point me in the right direction with the solution you’re describing?

This idea will be good, eg:- default image for user profile, called from google photos. A workaround is assign the image to a picture uploader & call it while saving to DB

Did you ever find a solution to this? Having the same issue