Saving Data to Database


I am trying to make Report System for my Emergency Services Roleplay Community. I was wondering how to take specific data from input boxes, and save them to specific fields in databases. If someone know how this could be completed please let me know.


Can you give an example please? How do you define “specific”?
From the first look - it’s trivial.

Create a workflow to trigger a Create New Item\Update Item then define which field of that Item you would want to contain your Input Value, boom - it’s there.

I think it’s covered in one of the basic starter videos on your dashboard.

I am having the same issue. I have already created the workflow to trigger updating an item and I defined the field of that item I want to save, but for some reason it’s not saving! It’s so bizarre!!

Use the debug_mode and step by step evaluation to see where exactly you are dropping the ball.