"Saving..." issues still going on

I am still having this annoying saving issue. Today seems worse. Just stays “Saving…” in red. I have a strong connection and even with refreshes every few minutes it just keeps happening.

FWIW, I had been experiencing this as well. Wondering if this is related to @Bubble’s main cluster “false alarm” notification—that it was a genuine, but intermittent, problem.

I am also having this issue

Yes we had an outage indeed. It seems to get back to normal but we’re monitoring the situation


I appreciate the update. I’m still (as of the writing of this message) getting the red Saving… and the There was an issue saving your app… popup

Thanks @emmanuel

Same here for the last 6 hours or so…


I have experience the same issue. It is frustrating to use the editor now, it would be good to see this marked on status page so I can see when it has subsided and designate my time appropriately.

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