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Hei guys
I d like to have a quick design tip from you.

I ve created an “option set” and added on each options new attribute that is called “Risposte attribuite” as you can see from the second pic. This Attribute is a list of text and when I add on each list a phrase that is slightly long, it saves itself with a bottom space as in the 2nd and 3rd pic.

Do you have any idea how to avoid it?


Hi Gianluca,

I suspect the problem isn’t that it’s saving the option set items with a space/line break. I think that side of things is probably fine.

The problem with the formatting on the page itself is probably more likely to be the layout of the elements. Are you using radio buttons for the options themselves (i.e. the circles)?

If you’re using icons/radio buttons with no text on, then have a text box separately, then I think you’ll have trouble resolving this wrapping issue.

Easier way would be to use radio buttons that have their labels showing, then it should handle the wrapping more neatly.

Hope that helps.


Hei @appedge
Yes I m using a group that has a row layout with internally an icon and a text. Do you thing there is no solution to that?
I can’t use the radio button cause of different reasons unfortunatelly. It’s a long interactive survey.

Sorry i think I managed quite easily after a while. I thought it was way more difficult but I just uncheck the “fit width to content”.

But really thanks @appedge! I thought the problem was on the option set saving db while instead was on the layout.

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