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Schedule API Workflow on a list - Limit

Hello everyone,
I’m asking About Limit of creating Things with Schedule API Workflow on a list
I have arround 2000 things to create after clicking on a button!

If Schedule API Workflow on a list don’t support that, please give me another solution, ( is Zapier a good solution) ?

I have found very detailed explanations on the forum of a recursive workflow that uses Schedule API Workflow but not on a list. Instead you pass the Workflow the list you want to operate on. Then in the workflow you do an action to the list:first-item, then call the same workflow to run again and pass it the same list minus the first item. Add a conditional that the workflow only continues running if the list’s:count is greater than 0. This way you never have to worry about Bubble’s limitations on Schedule API workflow on a list. It will run once for each item until you decrease the list to 0.