Schedule API workflow on list not populating in log

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been spinning my wheels for the last two days trying to get the following resolved. I need to schedule an API workflow on a list that will change/clear about 10 fields on the thing. I believe I’ve referenced everything properly, but the scheduled items is not showing up in the log and API Workflow field in the debugger is not named. It should be “1-deactivatepost”

What am I missing? Can someone point me in the right direction to resolve this? Thanks!

  1. (I’m sure you did this, but…) Did you click the Show button?
  2. Are you in the right version of the Scheduler Log (development vs live)?
  3. Does the API endpoint have a condition on it that’s preventing from running?
  4. Do you have a Privacy role set up that’s preventing the endpoint from running?
  5. In your Debugger screenshot, if you click on the List to run value (blue) and evaluate that, is there an actual list that’s being read or is it blank?

Hi Gaby,

  1. I did click show. Nothing populated.
  2. I’ve only run the app and preview in development mode, but I did switch to Live mode just to be sure. Nada.
  3. I don’t believe I have a privacy role that’s preventing the endpoint from running. How would I check?
  4. The debugger says the list is blank… User error on my part! I changed a status field that the list was relying to sort by too early in the workflow. The calls are now showing up in the log.

Ok, so now the issue is that the cancel workflow list doesn’t work. I’ve set the list of API IDs to the list’s unique ID’s but that’s not working.

Awesome, part one solved. The IDs to cancel are not the unique IDs. You can save the API IDs as a result of the step that schedules the API, but I need to double check on the best way to grab the ID for each list item. It’s easy for scheduling an API for a single thing since the result is just the ID for that one thing. I need to check on the list method though and report back.

Yes, I’m able to pull/store the API Ids from the workflow, but it stores the whole list of IDs ran in that workflow to the thing as opposed to storing the single ID respective to that one scheduled thing on the list. As is, it would lead to unintended deletions, which would be a nightmare… Thanks for checking into this.

Hm, ok, I think in order to save each ID to each individual thing you’ll need to schedule an API workflow on a list, but that workflow doesn’t run your actions yet, it just schedules (immediately) another API workflow so that you can save the IDs individually:

Click Button > Schedule API Workflow 1 on the List

API Workflow 1 does the following:

  1. Schedule API Workflow 2
  2. Make a Change to Thing: ID = Result of Step 1

WF 2 runs whatever actions you are ultimately needing to run on each item. Keep in mind that when WF 1 Schedules WF 2, it’s not on a list because every list item is hitting WF 1, so they will each hit WF 2 individually as a result.

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We have lift off! :slight_smile: Thank you!!! I will test a few more times just to be sure, but I think the problem is resolved now.

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