Scheduled API ID

I have a button that allows users to create a scheduled workflow that processes a payment. But I cannot find a way to allow the user to cancel the scheduled workflow without my intervention. The only way I can see to Cancel a workflow is by the API ID which can only be found in the logs. But there is no way I have foind that I can put the API ID in the cancel workflow action. Am I missing something?

Hi @newy85 - did you see this video from @romanmg? It may help you out.


How timely! :smile:



Thanks for your reply. I can see how that works for a scheduled API, but I cant do that for a recurring API. The payments are set to come out on the payment anniversary each month, until the stop it. I don’t want to have to cancel it myself.

To cancel a recurring even, you want to trigger the same action that you used to set it (set/cancel recurring event) and set the frequency to “none.” That’s the only method!

So, you just need a trigger for the canceling action. For example, when a user cancels their subscription or downgrades.

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That is so easy lol. Thank you so much.

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Hi, I am trying to cancel an API workflow that I scheduled a month ago but bubble is asking me for the Scheduled API ID. Where can I find this ID?

Hi there @pachocastillosr,

Where you originally scheduled it from. You can have an action after scheduling it to save the ID then refer to Result of step…

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Is this the correct way to save the ID? I checked the database and these fields came up empty…

Hi @cohereandnow,

Yep! That should be right. Strange… it shows up for me