Scheduled Workflow Results

Hello @emmanuel

Since I know now no one can help on this except you (Bubble team), I am posting this question directly to you.

I am running a scheduled workflow where in the first step I am making a POST call, and in step 2 I am capturing the results in a thing. (By the way, I need the results of the first step to being used in all steps after the first step)

Unfortunately, it seems that the workflow fires the two workflows simultaneously regardless of step 2 requiring the results of step one.

How can I make sure that the second step waits for the first? Isn’t it logical for bubble to wait for step 1 to finish before it runs step 2? Since of course it relies on step 1 results

If anyone else has another way to do this, then please let me know,

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It should wait, if you don’t see this, can you file a bug report?

Great I will do that