Schema database

Is it possible to identify the datatypes of my database and the schema of all tables?
Table 1: id (number), name(text), price(number)

And can you also obtain this information through the API or create a schema?

Hello @brunno_nonato ,

You can use Data API under settings > API > Enable Data API.

Once you enabled it, you will be given a URL address.

Here is the url I have for this test app:

You can now look it up to the meta page to view all types and its fields. This will give you an idea for your schema and types that bubble uses.

To do that, change the end of the url from /obj to /meta

Like this:

For example, I created a simple ticketing app and exposed the Data API, you can view all types from above link.

p.s. I am working on a tool that let you use SQL to query your bubble data, I would love to hear your reasoning if it is related.

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