Screen Suddenly going black when a page is loaded

Not sure if this is a bug or not but all of a sudden a lot of pages on my website go to a black screen when first loaded and then if i scroll down on the black screen - the actual page appears and is normal and working. I can’t pinpoint anything that I’ve done that has caused this change. I didn’t even do a deployment when it started.

I think it is only happening on my mobile and not desktop but i could be wrong (chrome web browser on android pixel 3).

Please see the attached screenshot of the black screen.

Any ideas for what might be causing this? Is it a bug or am i missing something here?

Double check to make sure that you didn’t put a mobile redirect (er, mobile version of the page" in your app.

See screenshot below of the page options setup:


Is this happening in the live version of your application?

I went to and clicked around many pages but didn’t see any black screens.

Are you sure this is not a cache problem or something? Try clearing your cache.

I just cleared the cache on my phone browser and now all the pages are loading normally. Thanks everyone for the help.

PS: @Nocodify - Yes it was the live version & @dan1 - no I didn’t have mobile version on

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