Script/meta tags in header to specific page


Anyone know how to just have a specific Script/meta tags in header for one page instead of all of them?

I want to use a Live Chat feature only on my index page and not on the other pages. Any way to do that? Thanks! :slight_smile:

@J805 why not duplicate the header as a Reusable Element and only use the specific one for the index page?

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Um, I don’t think I understand the answer. What do you mean?

In a paid app, the header script field in the page object is available to you.

That field is visible in free apps too but changes you make there are ignored.

The workaround is load your script in an html element, but since the script will load after the page is loaded, it is possible to attempt to call a function defined in the script before it’s defined (and you should check for that if you need).

The index page of my Timezoner explainer app shows this.

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Ok, thanks I will try that out.

That worked perfect. I guess when I tested it out before it was on a free plan and didn’t do anything. It works on my paid plan just fine. Thanks @keith

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