Scrollbars not appearing automatically

Hi All,

I appear to be having the opposite issue to a lot of other people on the forum, rather than trying to remove scroll bars I’m trying to get them to appear.
I’ve read in a few places that Bubble should automatically add scroll bars if the content goes beyond the bottom the page but I’m finding in a few pages in the my app that they are just not appearing.
I can’t scroll down with the mouse and the only way to view the content further down the page is to zoom out.
I haven’t added any custom CSS code to hide the scroll bars.
A screenshot of one of the pages is below:

There are more rows in the repeating group at the bottom but its impossible to see them.

Does anyone have any ideas of something that will cause them not to appear?

Thank you,

Usually the left menu is a “Floating Group”. Are you sure that that is the only “Floating Group”? If the right (white) container is within a “Floating Group” it will fix it self to the top of the page and the page will never get a scroll bar.

From the screen shot I can’t think of anything else.

Thanks for your quick reply.
The left menu is a floating group but that’s the only one on the page. The one on the right is just a standard group.

Just to add to the weirdness, if I open the inspector in Chrome or resize the window the scroll bar appears…

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