Scrolling data animation

Hi Bubble Community,

Wondering a good way to create a similar setup to the transitioning data sentence seen on Sendgrid’s website (short video below).

Must have something to do with the ‘Every X seconds’ workflow? Maybe something with the ‘Animate an Element’. I’ve tried a couple things without success. Wondering if this is something that is better done on the bubble API?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Have you tried using the timed workflows and animations? Bubble is not the greatest to make moving elements and such but it seems simple enough.

@joseph.farinhas, Yes. However, not successfully, yet. Any ideas?

There is a plugin that has been discussed a few times on the forum lately…forget the name but it can underline text like that…there is another plugin that will let you change the text .

Not sure if the two would work in tandem together or the newer first referenced plugin could do all of this on its own.

@boston85719, thanks. The changing of the text is a bit more interesting to me than the underlining. Any idea of how to find it? Thanks so much.

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