Scrolling menu for a set of buttons


I am trying to create a scrolling menu for a group of buttons. I’d like to be able to set the scrolling menu to a few buttons and then have the others load below to where you can scroll to them.

Scroll menu size

Hope this makes sense.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?


Kind of like on the Google homepage at the top right when they let you pick the apps at the top but can scroll for other ones?

If you’re on the new responsive engine you can set the main menu group to a fixed height, then check the box that says “Allow vertical scrolling if contents overflows”

Your menu group would have the alignment set to Column, then you can have two more groups inside that set to Row alignment and all your icons in either the top group or bottom group.

Thanks for the info! Yes kinda like that but not quite.

I want to set the button menu smaller than the full page. the full length of the page is about 14 buttons long, but id like the menu to only show 4-5 before scrolling is required.


Sorry about the delays, did you figure anything out? Sounds like the fixed height group + checking the box to “allow scrolling when overflows” would work for this case?

The example is only like 500 pixel tall or something like that. Not full height

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