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Search a list of Things

Hi Team,

I have a Vault (thing), with the following fields:

  • ‘address’
  • ‘Managed_by_Host’ (type: User)

A User, has the following fields:

  • ‘Vaults_Managed’ (type: ‘Vault’ list)

A Task, has the following fields:

  • ‘Address’

I have an element that I would like to make visible only when the Task is within x kms of any of the vaults managed by that user.

I am struggling to come up with the right search criteria…any suggestions?


Very hard to do. I tried to do something similar (a list of categories from nearby locations) but it was too complex to be workable.

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Thanks @NigelG

Yeah, I think be able to traverse through a list would be a great improvement to such a fantastic platform.

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