Search Box Input with Geographical Places Bug on iPhone?

I have a search box with geographic places as choices style:

It works fine on desktop but on iphone when you select one of the auto entries that appear after entering a few characters, half the time it takes the selected line and uses it and half the time it doesnt. When it doesnt, all the options disappear but only the few characters you typed are shown.

This on the desktop which is fine:

Very confusing for onboarding users who will likely abandon.

Any ideas?

I narrowed problem down:
If I select the bold letters of the autocomplete words it doesnt work but the unbold works:

If you’re just getting their address (or an address for something), instead of search box just use an input of type geographic location that’s autobound to the field in question.

When the user inputs an incomplete address, geocoding does it’s best to resolve it. I give more detail about my approach to getting addresses (which is super simple and works just fine for me, anyway) in this post reply:

Thanks. Good work around.

Bug still needs to be fixed in search box.

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