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Search box on workflows section not working

From past few days I’m experiencing this issue. When I click search box on workflow sections it does nothing. I can’t type or search any workflow or element.
When I reported it to support and sent them a video of that issue, they sent me a video in reply and said we cannot see this issue on our screen. Please update your windows or browser.
Obviously it was updated and that wasn’t the issue.

I asked many other developers and they were facing the same issue.
It’s annoying and disappointing to see Bubble not fixing the issue even after reporting.

It is happening with me when i search geographic places.

  • Does it happen consistently - i.e. is it 100% reproducible; or does it work fine sometimes and then sometimes not?

  • Does refreshing the editor page fix it?

I can understand your frustration, but to be fair, if they can’t reproduce it, how are they supposed to fix it? It’s unclear what you’re expecting them to do.

Videos can be helpful in conveying the steps to reproduce, but even better would be sending them a link to an editor page that demonstrates the issue.

BTW, I might actually have seen this on a couple of occasions; but I also frequently refresh my browser, so I might not be encountering the issue as often as you.

Yup, It is happening consistently 100% on most apps and even refreshing the page doesn’t fix the issue.
I’ve also sent the page access to them with a video as well + written steps to reproduce the issue.

FYI, I was able to distill this down to 4 simple steps which reliably reproduce the issue, and I submitted a bug report yesterday. I just heard back from support that they’ve been able to reproduce it, and they have passed it along to the engineering team. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved soon.

Thanks Sudsy, Looks like now they’ve fixed it.

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