Search box term selection forces group focus to disappear

Grateful for help:

I have a search box housed inside a group focus. The group focus appears correctly and I can start a search inside the search box. However, when I find the term I want to select from the resultant browser and click on it, this closes the group focus. I’ve hidden a group that has conditions to correctly show the GroupFocus on hovering and all the search box conditions too such as being visible, pressed etc but I cannot stop the group focus from closing. It seems that the click action to hide a group focus overrides all the conditions to keep it visible. Argh!

Many thanks for any help.


Could you post some screenshots / a link to your app?

Generally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend using a group focus along with a search box (unless you know that the max # of results showing the search results window will still be contained within the group focus…otherwise, that registers as a click outside of the group focus, causing it to close).

So, you can either re-size your element to accommodate or you can do a workaround with a floating group, provided that works for your situation.

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