Search case & accentuation unsensitive on long text


I try to implement a search (in english & french) on long texts (>256 characters).
The text fields are private (no external search allowed because personal data).
The indexed field values must be updatable (if a user makes a change to his imput).

I need a case & accent not sensitive search and I can’t find a way to manage that kind of simple search.

I had a look at Algolia but it is not working for private fields.
I tried “Advanced Algolia Search” but it seems that you can not update or delete the records.

Is there any solution with Solr or Elasticsearch ?

Can someone please help me ?
Thank you in advance.

Have a nice sunday.

Have you tried the Fuzzy search plug-in? It does a good job ignoring cases and accents. At least it worked on Portuguese.

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Thank you @rico.trevisan ,
What Fuzzy are you talking about ?
There are 2 plugins : Fuzzy search & Autocomplete and Fuse Search (Fuzzy Search)

I just wanted to know 2 things as you use it…
Is it working on private datas ?
Is it working on an edited data ?

Thank you for your kind help.
Have a nice Sunday :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the one from Zeroqode just because I didn’t know that @renatoasse had one.

In any case, both use the same mechanics - fuse.js.

  1. Yes, it works on private data.
  2. Yes(?), it works on edited data. As long as it is a list with text, it can handle that.
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Thank you @rico.trevisan
I will try that.

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