Search constraint "does not equal" or <> on booleans

I have a boolean field (“isActive”) on a custom data type. The field can be “yes”, “no” or it may be empty. I would like to search for all records where this field does not equal “no”. In other words, I want the search to return all instances where the field equal “yes” or is blank.

I thought that using the search constraint: isActive <> “no” would accomplish that, but it does not. If I have 5 records and isActive fields for each record are empty, the search returns zero records instead of 5.

Is this expected behavior?


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Hi there, @melissa7… expected or not, it is the behavior as pointed out in this post. With that being the case, you should be able to do what you described by doing a search where isActive = yes and merge that search (using the merged with operator) with a search where isActive is empty.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for replying. I thought I was going nuts.

So frustrating though. I’ve used it the “wrong” way in so many places.

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