Search Engine Optimization

Hey! Anyone got tips on how I can improve my ranking on Google? I heard making it mobile responsive would improve it. Any other suggestions?


Here are several great resources to help you understand what’s important and whats not in order to rank on Google.

  1. Moz - Beginners Guide to SEO
  2. Search Engine Land
  3. WordStream - SEO Basics
  4. Neil Patel - SEO Made Simple
  5. ahrefs - What is SEO
  6. SEMrush

I go straight to the source. Check out Google’s Console and Mobility Check. Google tells you what to fix to make it show up on searches better.


Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thank you both!

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See, it is good that you are focusing on Search Engine Optimization for your website or web app(not sure about it). But, Google is really making it hard for companies to rank on business related keywords with all these new updates.

At first, you will have to reach the first page by fighting all the competition, algorithm changes, lot of optimizations and more. After reaching there, you will find that you are still not on the top of page as that space is acquired by a lot of ads plus Google My Business Listing and also some People Also Ask sections.

Even a few inches space can take away the chance of getting visitors, leads and maybe sales too. Thus, if you are sure about the quality of product or service platform you are building then it is good to spend some money on paid ads.

They will definitely help you in getting better results and PPC ads are not that costly as people might think about them.

Thank You.

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