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Hello bubble team, I have been trying to set up my filtering and search system for several days but I have encountered several problems.

I want to set up this Search and filtering system :
A multitude of criteria allows you to perform a search providing lists of users in the RGs.

These user lists are unique and correspond to a set of values.
This means that the data displayed on the same line must correspond to the same list.

I wish that

When only one criteria is met, the RG must provide all the lists whose value type there.

When several or all the criteria are fulfilled, the RG must provide the lists whose request values ​​all exist in the same list.
I wish that the criteria act Independently but give the values ​​corresponding to the same list on the same line.
Another problem is that I want to include the user’s photo at the start of the list to differentiate them and recognize users with the same values, but I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance !! :slight_smile:

Hey @hjoudi welcome to Bubble!

That’s not the right way to do it, in most cases you should only have one Search for with multiple constraints, and check the “ignore empty constraints” checkbox

What are you trying to achieve exactly? Do you want to search Users that match all 10 input fields, whichever Search icon is clicked? Or when a Search icon is clicked, do you want the search to only consider the inputs that belong to the same Search group?

If your data type Insight has a field User, just do Current cell’s Insight’s User’s ProfilPicture
If your data type Insight does not have a field User, but your data type User has a list of Insights, do Search for User’s:firstitem’s ProfilePicture, with constraint Insights contains Current cell’s Insights

I expressed myself badly, the French are not famous for their English :sweat_smile:, thank you very much for the responsiveness and the solution.

I tried “empty constraints” by putting only one "search for insight influs"It works !!
but the values ​​are random in the RG boxes.
The photo corresponding in the list is also not displayed. maybe this is due to bad management of my data type?

Like an Airbnb filter system.
The search must correspond to the filled input fields, regardless of the groups (the groups are just used to indicate the type of criteria to customers).

the 10 fields corresponding to the 10 boxes below in the RG.
The 10 boxes corresponding to the information contained in the data type (fields).

for example
When fulfilling a single criterion, the RG must propose all the lists containing this criterion and display it in the corresponding box.
the other boxes are therefore filled with the values ​​contained in the same list.
If several criteria are met, the RG must propose all the lists containing all of these criteria.

In a way, it is a search engine that offers all of the lists and can filter to provide the most suitable search.

I feel lost for over a week,Thank you again for your help


What do you mean by that?

With that configuration you could set the image data source to Current cell’s Insights influ’s Creator’s ProfilPicture

Did you manage to solve that with 1 Search for and “ignore empty constraints” checked?

Yes of course i solve that with "search for " and “ignore empty constraints” that is good but the criteria fulfilled are not assigned to the different boxes in the RG, so that the search is done in any field in the data list.

that means that each field should corresponds to a box.
The criteria requested in the followers field must appear only in the followers box below.
As long as this configuration, does not force the field to search for the value only on a specific box in the list.So ultimately the search does not offer unique lists.

I think I have a problem with data, because I have two different B2B and B2C users. Not knowing which one assigned to the user type data I created other user data types, and I think that it causes a problem during research (current user).

I don’t know how to solve it…

Feel free to PM me your editor link in view mode and I’ll have a look tomorrow if you want

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