Search for where a custom event is used - is this possible?

Is it possible to use the app search tool to find every place a custom workflow is used?

I’ve looked at everything that seems to be a reasonable suspect but I don’t see it.

Hey Laurence,

Maybe this will help…

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Ken Truesdale


Thanks, Ken.

It looks like this should work (and seems to kinda work) but it’s tedious.

The tool presents a list of multiple instances of an event name with no distinction of one from another.

Many come up with 0 references and it’s necessary to step through every instance to find all references. That said, it’s much easier than opening a bunch of pages and scanning for references to the event.

I appreciate the help. It’s given me an incentive to dig more deeply into the search tool to really understand the many ways it will save me time when I understand how it works.

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