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Hello good people!

How can i add a constrain a search in a repeating group to only show things created by a current user?

For example:

In my service users can create profiles for teachers they manage. So in my account i can have 5 teachers under me for example.

Users request teachers by filling a form.

I have a thing called booking forms and every time a booking form is created it goes to that users booking requests.

Now i want to enable users to approve those teacher requests. And the person that manages those teachers is the one that can make that desition.

How do i show in a page all booking requests for teachers that the current user has created?

In the RG data source, which I’m assuming is a “search for requests”, click on that search to pull up the constraints window. Created by = current user. Is this what you want?

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Something like that!

In my case USERS registers, then they can create TEACHER profiles as a separate “thing”. I want to be able to display in a RG the booking forms that are waiting for approvals and that the booking form contains a “teacher profile” created by the current USER.

If i put search for “booking forms” and constrain it to “created by current user”, the current user will not see any booking requests because it wasn’t created by him/her.

I want to show booking requests from anyone that requests a teacher that was created under that users account.

Oh, I understand now. Ok you want to do this:

Type = Booking Forms

Source = Search for Booking forms > Constraint: Teacher Profile is in Search for Teacher Profiles > Constraint: Created by = Current User.

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Just did this but its giving me a problem when i select “do a search for Teacher Profiles”

It says:

Search for booking forms: value should be a list of texts but right now is a list of Teachers Profiles.

Got lost there!

Can you send a screenshot or link? Sounds like we have some data type mis-matching.

Booking Forms should be a data type, Teacher Forms should also be a data type.

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Ahh got to love when things works! jajaja

It was my mistake, didn’t specified the Teachers ID in that last search. Thank you so much again for helping me. =)

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