Searchbox highlight color

Seems like there is currently no way to choose the color that is used to highlight the selected or hovered value from the search box

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 9.30.47 PM

Or is there a way to change that blue color?

I don’t see any selection available to make.

Does anybody know of some custom code to change it?

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Please check out the following link:


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Thank you so much for this. This is great. Very helpful.

I gotta take this opportunity to ask…

Do you know what would I need to change this


to be used to do the same to a dropdown element?

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I’m glad to see that it helped.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the color hover.

You can change this color only for specific browsers.

Thanks for that link. I spent some time the other day searching for ways to do it and the only way seems to create something from scratch using CSS and doing that I do not know how I would capture the selected value to pass back to a bubble workflow.

I guess I’ll just live with the built in and when the project demands it make something from scratch using bubble elements.

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Yeah, the fastest way is to use the built-in dropdown.
A bit longer way is to create a kind of reusable custom dropdown using the Bubble’s elements such as Group Focus, Repeating Group, etc.

Great tip!

Is there a way to customize the result list? This is what I get when trying:

Skärmavbild 2020-09-20 kl. 15.58.51

I want to change the whole “box” and not just whats inside.

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.tt-dropdown-menu {
    background: red;

Thank you! That did it!