Searchbox: Is an OR join or any sort of merge possible?

I’m trying to do something that is generally very simple in Bubble, but not in the case of the SearchBox. I have a autocomplete SearchBox element that should have two conditions on a single data type: EITHER it is created by Current User --OR-- another field (visibility) is Public. The idea is to show both the user’s Things and public Things in one list. This is normally very easy using the “standard” Bubble dynamic expression builder. But the SearchBox element has a funky button interface instead of the expression builder, which does not permit OR logic.

I’m guessing that Bubble implemented this button approach to prohibit users from attempting various other unsupported expressions related to SearchBox? But this one in particular seems like an oversight.

Am I missing something? I really like the SearchBox auto-complete and would hate to have to resort to either the standard dropdown or hacky input box + :filtered repeating group solution.



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