Searchbox style red background

Hey there!

So I’m having an issue with the searchbox style. No matter what settings I change, the background shows red in the app preview. This searchbox is set to search for geographic addresses.

This is what it looks like in preview:

This is what the inspector is showing:

Here’s my searchbox settings:

And this is what I’ve set up for my searchbox style:

I have looked for some way to change the “!important” setting, but that seems to be outside of the accessible bubble settings. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using any custom HTML elements? You can try to debug it by pressing the link I’ve outlined in the image below. It will take you to the place where the code is being used.


I am not using any custom HTML elements with this. This is what comes up when I click that link:

EDIT: I clicked the link again and something was different. This is what it’s showing now:

I still haven’t found a way to fix this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.