Searching an element by a list of element

I have to use as data source all the elements that in their list-type field contain the users who have a certain value in their field, I have to insert all the values ​​in the list and I don’t know what to choose between these options


The issue here is you want to find occurencies in two lists (if my guessing is right that utenti coinvolti is a list) :
utenti coinvolti AND each users’ gruppo

So here you need to add a filtered after your do a search for transaction, then filtered then intersect count is more than 0

But this is a bad practice as Bubble will bring ALL the transaction to front then filter on client side, so two problem : WU usage + privacy…

Do you mean something like this?

yes, on advanded you can do the intersect. BUT
I re-read your post
You can do a search for transaction, with constraint : utenti coinvolti contains barra grupo
as it you don t need adanced filter

My problem is that I have to choose an option from this, but I want to select all the users, not the first item or the last or a random etc., thanks!:

Your requirement is not clear
Whats the type of field Utenti coinvolti?

List of User

And what’s the condition you’re trying to write?

Search for all transactions which in their “Utenti coinvolti” field (lista of users) have users who are within the “Users” field of another data entry (also list of users field)

So you have to do a filtered then advanced where this transaction list of user intersect with do a search for user count egals to greater than 1

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