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Searching for a list of things by foreing key

Hi! I have a table of events with different states. The event state is a foreing key from the table “eventStates” and I match them by there eventStateID, wich is a number value.
I want to create a list of events with specific states, so i created a Repeating group of events, but i’m having trouble to indicate the constraint “eventState = Some number

wich option should i use to indicate a number to match the eventStateID?
The documentation I found specifies in text constraints, but it wasn’t helpful.

That state field, is it the datatype eventStates?

If so sounds like you want to do Do a search for eventStates with the constraint eventStateID = [type the one you want] then do :first item after the search.

This worked perfect! Thank you so much!! :partying_face: :partying_face:

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