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Searching for Bubble developer for two sided marketplace

Hi all,

I’m building a two-sided service marketplace.

I have a very basic MVP template but need to get the site to 80-90% of ideal functions and design so I can start attracting a user base.

A lot of this is already built in the template, but, it needs to be improved and expanded upon.

Functions needed:
-Profiles for both sides with reviews for both (public reviews for one side)
-Map view for searching
-Populate categories as you search
-Book instantly. Take payment immediately that is held and then distributed when work is completed.
-Robust scheduling: can see availability per their calendar. automatically posts to both calendars. Different amounts of time options.

Please reach out if you are interested in working with me. Thanks!

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Hey @ryanS

Happy to help. Where is the best place to reach you?

Good afternoon, Ryan.

My name is Aigerim, im Business Development Manager at

Would be happy to help you out, can we discuss your project over the zoom call?

Hi Ryan, your project sounds wonderful. We at Round Pegs ( can help you as we have pre-selected the best freelancers in the market. Would this model suits you?