Searching for date range

From this useful post earlier Searching a date in a List of Date Ranges - #9 by mikeloc

In my app i want a user to be able to create date ranges for an availability for specific accommodation in a year which have different prices depending on what time of the year
So i thought by creating data type of Availability with Date ranges as a field and also accommodation as field will work
@NigelG @boston85719 i just tagged few that i know but i will appreciate anybody help here

You will need to make the data field a list of date ranges…not just a single date range. You may also want to look into a plugin that was created for bookings. One is called ‘Calendar Grid Pro’ and likely has functions you would need.

Hi @boston85719 , thank you for replying back
But i have tried to use filter and do search availability but seems i cant see date range data field?

In DB is shows it is saving but i can seem to know why on accommodation drop down its empty ;

Because in your search you are not searching the correct data type. Your data type of Accommodation doesn’t have any fields for date range. It is the data type of Accommodation Availability that has the data fields for date range.

I have not understand what you mean? I used filter expression after searching for accommodation. Then i used Advanced