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Searching for specific users email in 'do a search for users' does not work. If you add a text email on the user record and search for that, then it works

Hi. Using the Linked In API to either create an account or log in an existing user.

Well, I pull the user’s data via their access token and put that in a record. I then say in my workflow, ‘if the user with this email count < 1, create an account’ - ‘if the user with this email count > 1, log user in’.

Well, no matter what I did nothing would work. Accounts would always be created, because the condition was satisfied, but accounts never logged in.

When I added a text-email (a secondary email field on the users’ records) and then searched: ‘if the user with this secondary-email count < 1, create an account’ - ‘if the user with this secondary email count > 1, log user in’ – the entire thing worked. TWO hours of my time. Gone. Privacy setting be damned, nothing worked.

Please fix.




I am using this workflow:

I take the email, put that in a container, and reference that container’s records. HOW SILLY EH??

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