Seeking a Partner for App Development Venture

Hi there!

I’m not looking for a specific profile; rather, I’m searching for someone who is enthusiastic about startups and eager to explore new possibilities with me. Together, we will decide on the conditions and vision of the startup, as I want a partner who is motivated and feels a sense of ownership over the idea. There are no pre-established guidelines – instead, I believe in open dialogue and collaboration to shape our path forward.

It’s important to me that our partner understands that success won’t happen overnight. This journey requires dedication and perseverance, and I’m looking for someone who shares my optimism and understands the value of collaboration.

As for me, I’m a 26-year-old Spanish human resources specialist with a passion for innovation. I have several ideas for addressing current challenges in the HR sector, which I believe can be effectively implemented through applications built on Bubble. Additionally, I’ve collaborated with specialists from various other sectors and have developed additional ideas that hold promise for solving a range of issues.

I eagerly await the message from my next adventure companion! What I can promise is that we’ll enjoy this journey together and support each other’s growth every step of the way.

Thank you all fot considering this humble opportunity!

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Did you use chat GPT to write this for you? :slight_smile: