Seeking a plugin builder for Offline support & bulk image download on one-click

I have built a fully-functioning app with Bubble, which works quite well for my use case, except two critical things.

  1. Offline support
    My app is mostly used in an environment where data condition is quite bad - really bad. And it requires photo taking for every job. This causes too much trouble because uploading images takes forever when the data condition is really bad.
    I am currently using @UploadBuddy plugin to compress the images, and helped a lot.
    However, it still consumes too much time for uploading files.
    I found Capacitor is a tool for saving data in the local db when data connection is not good enough and then upload saved data to the DB when the connection is restored.
    I am wondering if something like this can be developed and integrated into my Bubble app to help the app work fine regardless of the data condition.

  2. Bulk image download in one click
    I have used File downloader with progress plugin but it does not work consistently and I cannot afford to miss one single image when downloading all the images (normally I need to download 200-300 images for job).

Or, a better option can be to save images in the mobile as every images is taken using device camera. Then, I don’t need to download images.

I don’t know if both can be achieved by specially built plugins or need some different works, or I might be just dreaming of something that’s not possible.

If you have a solution for either or both of the issues, please contact me.

Thank you.