Seeking Designer for some Icons

Hey Community.

Looking for a designer / someone good with Photoshop. I need some icons for a plugin I am releasing. If you have some samples I can see that would be appreciated, no special experience required. I need minimum two icons.

Send me a message!

Hi Jonah
I’m a full time developer with intermediate knowledge in Bubble. I can do whatever you want of plugin. Happy to have a chat to discuss this opportunity
you can connect with me on

Pretty sure you didn’t read this post. Haha.

@jonah.deleseleuc if you need something, PM me. I can shoot you some examples of work I have done with design.


Hello @jonah.deleseleuc,

I design logos for startups. Here are some icons made for my logo project for your reference, you can also check out other logos in my profile. I offer a subscription plan to design both static and animated logos, which might be similar to the icons you needed. Feel free to send me a PM if you’re interested.

Graphic Designer @ Open Project

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I apologize, I’m not looking for a subscription service

That’s ok. It’s not necessary a ‘subscription’, you can just hv 1 month only and cancel afterwards. Just feel free

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