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Seeking Developer to Create 2 API Plugins (Details inside)

I am looking for a experienced bubble developer to create 2 API/Plugins (see details on each integrations below). Preferred timeline is within 2-weeks. Budget is around $350 total, here are the details…

  1. Create a Plugin or API integration for Dialpad ( Dialpad is our cloud based phone and sms provider. We would like the ability to send sms messages from Bubble using our Dialpad number/account. This would be a multiple user environment, so we would need the ability to send from each users individual dialpad account.

We would also like this integration to be able to sync contacts between dialpad and our account.

Dialpad provides the API documentation here: Download the API Collection

  1. We are also looking for a plugin to use with Dubb ( We use Dubb to send out emails, videos, and other marketing messages. Again, this is a multi user environment.

We would like Bubble to update things at Dubb, but it would be nice if we could also update or get feedback from Dubb on Bubble. I assume this would be part of the API integration.

Dubb’s API documentation can be found here: Dubb API Doc

These integrations would be implemented into our development version of our Bubble app (I am building that myself, and it is partially built already). I don’t need any assistance building the bubble app, I only need these plugin/api integrations.

Thank you,



I would like to assist you.

PM sent please check


Thank you for the response. I replied to your PM.

I will reply back here once I have hired a developer so everyone knows.

Very sad that DialPad seems to lock their API for their higher tier. I was going to test and see if this was something I’d be capable of completing, but when I started a trial, I had no options for any API keys.

I wish you luck on your search.

So does Dubb. Very sad.

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I know, I had to upgrade our Dialpad account just to get access to the API. Not great customer service in my opinion.

I have had a better experience with Dubb. They have been very hands on and supportive and seem eager to help me integrate. They were even willing to have their tech team help create a plugin on bubble, but bubble wouldn’t cooperate with them. Dubb just wanted a developer account with bubble so the could test and integrate. Not only that, but when I approached Dubb, they weren’t compatible with Dialpad. About one week after asking them if they could integrate with Dialpad, they had the API up and running.

That’s awesome on Dubb’s end.

I really hate that as technology develops, a lot of companies are locking down their APIs. Twitter, I’m looking at you.

I’ve done several integrations, but I hate wasting anyone’s time, so while I won’t be putting in to assist, I am going to look into making it on my own, and if I am successful, I will let you know haha.

I will open a ticket with Dubb, maybe they’d be willing to unlock the API only on my account, for a lot cheaper of a price than 120 lol.

Good luck!

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I’m still going to pursue having someone design it, but I would appreciate you letting me know if you get it to work on your own.

Reach out to Darius Santos (Dubb Co-Founder). He has been extremely helpful. I’ve talked with him a bit about the community here at bubble and how it could increase their user base. He seems to ‘get it’, which can be rare these days.

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I’ve contracted a developer, thank you for all the replies.

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