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Select a choice and add condition

Hello everyone! I’m new to bubble and I need help please.
I’m trying to redo a site :

I do not know how to make so that the user can select options (as on the screenshot) and when he presses on next, the page which is displayed is according to the choices he has chosen. I want to reproduce the same, when he chooses an option, it turns blue.

Thanks to those who will help me :slight_smile:

I forgot the screenshot

Hello! I would start by designing your page in bubble; much of the options here could easily be groups that have a changing custom state when clicked, for example if the box that says “Thumbnails Only” was a group, you could simply attach a workflow to it and for your action select “set state” under “element actions” to keep track of what is being selected for each of your options. Using states you could easily do other things as well like making the boarder and icons in the group purple when their condition is met under “conditional”.

Here is a tutorial on custom states

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Thanks for your help, I will check that

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