Selectize dropdown.. can it drop up?

I have a few selectize dropdowns which are in a popup at the bottom of the screen, so the dropdown lists are dropping off the screen. Is there a way to make the dropdown list appear above the element?

Thanks @Jici if you have any ideas?

You can give the popup an Attribute ID and use the repeating group settings to allow “overflow” for this popup.

I tried what you mentioned but it doesnt work. Isn’t that just so the dropdown can extend beyond the group boundaries? below is an image of the issue… the dropdown needs to drop up instead… Possible?

Does it not work even when the debugger is disabled? Debugger leaves empty space at the bottom of the page which can mess with formatting.

No, here’s a screenshot of it on mobile:

The elements are all in a floating group which i’ve given the ID “inputter”. FYI there are no repeating groups being used here.

Here’s the setup of the dropdown:

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 15.35.38

What’s the issue? Are you not able to scroll within the drop-down options? Or you can do that but you just want the entire list to be displayed above?

Yeah, because the elements are so close to the bottom of the screen, i’ve only got about 100px of scroll space, so I’d like the popup to apear above the element rather than below it.

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