Send Custom State List As Parameter to Another Page?

Is this possible?

I generate a list in a custom state from checkboxes in a repeating list. I would like to send this list to another page in order to populate another repeating list on the 2nd page.

I’ve tried a number of different things but can’t seem to get this to work.

Any input much appreciated.

Hi @chrisschrade :slight_smile: You’ve probably already thought of this alternative, but you can save that custom state list on the User once they click to go to the second page, and then use that to populate the second repeating group. I don’t think there’s currently a way to send a custom state list of things to the page.

Unless, you had all possible combinations of the list stored in your database. And then associated each different list with a number, match the custom state list with a stored list to get the number, and send that number as a parameter to the second page. Then the repeating list on the second page is populated based upon the parameter number. I haven’t tested something like this, but that probably wouldn’t be too hard to set up if there aren’t that many combinations of lists. Saving the list on the User is probably the cleanest solution.


Hi @fayewatson - I have not thought of that…actually not familiar with that technique - how do I attach the state to the current user?

Hi @chrisschrade, have a field under the User type that is whatever type this repeating group is. If it’s a list of products, for example, the field would be a list of products. When a checkbox is checked > add that product to the user’s list. When unchecked > remove from list. Then, on the other page, set the source of the RG as User’s product list.


Gaby’s way is the way to go. :slight_smile: You can also keep the list as a custom state list, then save the list it to the User with one action (‘set list’) right before the User leaves to the other page (so it just uses one workflow). Note: this will work even if the User doesn’t have an account.


Although … :slight_smile:

If this is a list of Texts (for example) … then you can send the list on the parameter.

But it arrives the other end as a text string.

We can use the fairly new “Extract with Regex” to turn this back into a list again.


Amazing! I need to read more about Regex patterns, so useful. Thank you Nigel :slight_smile:

So do I, that was just a copy and paste from Stackoverflow :slight_smile:

Nice one, @NigelG!

One caveat, this method is vulnerable to commas in any of the text values. Could do the initial join with something more rare.

Yeah, this kinda assume you have control over the “list” that you are trying to send. Anything more than some simple words … you are going to be better off saving it on the User.

Perhaps use a Regex first to strip out commas if they are user entered terms. Dunno, this was more an intellectual exercise to see if it was possible than a fully thought out thing :slight_smile:

In my case I have a list of emails, so if you have a comma in the comma separated list then it isn’t a proper email !

Could you expand on this? I’m looking to do this exact same thing but can’t figure it out exactly.


Here’s my app:

Hi Gabby -

Could you help me here, as I have a very similar problem?

I want my custom state to be passed to a repeating group on another page.

I created the list of drills under the user type:

Now, when I run the app, I have my custom-state in the repeating group as my list of drills, as seen here:


When I click ‘Save Practice Plan’, I want the information in the repeating group to save as the ‘list of drills’, under the user type, but that’s where I’m hung up.

I’m not exactly sure of the logic I need in the workflow.

Any guidance here is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey @antadrag :slight_smile: in the “Save Practice Plan” workflow, you would use the action:

Data --> Make Changes to a Thing --> Thing to Change: Current User --> Field to Change: Prac_Plans set list GroupDrill’sdrillselect. That will save the custom state list to the Current User.

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@romanmg and @fayewatson - thank you for your help on this. Creating a list on a user, then setting the custom state as that list was the way to go for me…thanks again.

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No problem @chrisschrade! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed!

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My pleasure @antadrag! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I want to set the value of a custom state that is a list of texts to a static value which is a list - example [‘word1’,‘word2’,‘word3’] however bubble’s set state workflow doesn’t seem to be allowing me to do so, any suggestions ?

Perhaps add your static values to a table, example “list of categories”. Then assign them in the Set State. Make the custom state be a list of text.

It’s late here so I don’t have time to test it fully or test other options. Will look at it tomorrow if you still need help.

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Hi @romanmg ,
I have followed many of your videos on youtube . They really helped a lot. Thank you for sharing the core knowledge.
I have one very basic question that when we use User data type and store value creating feilds inside User data type, then where does that user record gets stored? In bubble database or browser cache?

Basically my requirement is i want to store data gloabally which can be accessible throughout. I’m wondering wheteher to go for current user record, custom state or any third party plugin (like Global variable) which should allow to store list of items.