Send data and states between Reusable Elements

How do I set a state of an element in the different reusable block?

Basically, I have an index page with 2 reusable elements inside.

This is what I want to do

WHEN - ReusableBlock1.Button1.Click
THEN - ReusableBlock2.StateX.set(ReusableBlock1.Field1.value)

but also

WHEN - ReusableBlock1.Button1.Click
THEN - ScrollTo.ReusableBlock2.Header

…if that makes sense to you.

So far I haven’t found an easy way to do it.
Real example - When I click a button - It generates several objects. I need to pass 2 of those objects as a state of a group in the other reusable element.

Please help I have no sleep because of this I also didnt eat anything for 4 days. Thank you


Create a custom event with all the necessary workflow actions

Access this event using the action “trigger a custom event from a reusable element “

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I dont see any in the list

Ive created one Custom Event in the ReusableElement1, but when I am inside of ReusableElement2 - I don’t see it.


Place reusable 1 inside a popup that you never open (… in other words … “hidden”) in reusable 2.

That won’t work because the whole concept is to have 2 reusables side by side on index page.

I can access custom events from index. But I cannot access index custom events from reusables workflow.

I can’t stack them together - have to be side by side.


Place them anywhere you feel appropriate.

In order to access a reusable’s custom event you need to place that reusable in a place where it can be … “detected”

Since you want to access a reusable inside a reusable … just place one inside the other in anyplace you deem appropriate