Send data from backend WF to frontend WF


I am trying to send data from my backend WF to my front end WF.

I read a lot of threads on this forum but I still can’t figure out how do it correctly.

Here is my set up :

I have a frontend WF which triggers a schedule API backend WF.

This backend WF has an external job to do build with the API connector plugin and what I would like to do is send this data back to the front end to have others actions (like go to page).

I read that at the end of my backend API WF I should add the action return data from API with the data I need to send to the front-end.

Then set up an API call with the API connector plugin to get data from this backend workflow.

And that’s where I am stuck.

I am able to initialise the API call, I can see in my front end the action of the API call to this backend WF but I don’t know how to dynamically add the data ?

Here is a screenshot of the frontend WF (step 3 is the one which triggers the schedule API backend WF ).

I feel so close to achieve what I want to do :crossed_fingers:

Capture d’écran 2023-05-15 à 21.06.10

ps : if there is another way do to it you can tell me as well.
I know I could do everything on the frontend but I don’t think it is a good option

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