Send message to outside app


I’m an absolute newb with My goal is to create a user interface “controller” app that can send messages to an external program.

For example, something like TouchOSC: TouchOSC |

I’d like to make sliders, knobs, and buttons- that will send messages to an external app when they are manipulated.

I can’t figure out where to start. I have successfully gotten requests IN to via a workflow API. Now I need to send messages OUT of Any help or even just a bullet point note on which direction to move towards would be greatly helpful. Thanks so much!

Hey @grady.sain,

Have you tried and/or looked into POST API requests?

Hey johnny,

Thanks for the reply… I’m looking into POST API requests. But I think I’m going to need to use websockets… If you look at this video: DEMO / TouchOSC emulating TouchBar for Blender 3D - YouTube you’ll see that what I’m trying to do is basically stream commands from my app to another app (not Blender in this case, but who knows?).

I’m a newb to web communications in general, so I’ve been reading docs like this:

I think that using http communications isn’t the way I want to go- I’d like to experiment with websockets. Are websockets even a possibility with I can’t find really any documentation to support using websockets in

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance…