Send password reset email token not generating

I’m using the “Send password reset email” workflow item to generate a token using the “Just make token, don’t send email” checkbox that I then use in a later step in the workflow to send a custom email via sendgrid. However with this first workflow item no token is being generated. How can I get reset password tokens to properly generate or is this a bug?

For security the token is available only in a backend workflow. If you choose to send the email directly bubble will generate and send the email from the backend. If you choose to generate the token only bubble will generate it on the backend but it will not send to the frontend.
To make this work you need to use this action in a backend workflow.

Hello @dorilama - I moved this functionality to run in a backend workflow and am still seeing the same behavior.

Anything else I should try?

Check that the email exists in the database, check that the other steps of the workflow are ok, contact bubble support :upside_down_face:

Yeah the email exists in the database which is why you can see it in the log here with all the html content the workflow runs just that first step never makes a token. I’ll contact support

Are you sure you’re feeding it the right email?

I ask because I see this field and see that its an ID, not email. I think that’s you’re issue.

Hey @johnny yeah the email is actually an id for an entry in the database of type Email where content of the email is stored. The emails are being sent fine and have all the content - except that the link in the email is incomplete as it is missing the token from the first step{MY_TOKEN_SHOULD_BE_HERE_BUT_ISNT]

Hmm… it’s hard to say exactly what the issue is without digging into the app, but the only reason a token wouldn’t exist is if the email being passed in doesn’t exist (because it isn’t an email or it’s an email that isn’t already associated with a user in your database)

Yeah like I said the email content is loading fine and are sending fine - the only issue is the “Just make token, don’t send email" option on the “Send password reset email” workflow item is not working

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