Send RG data to Text Input with Button Click

I have a repeating group in a Pop-Up pulling data from YouTube API. I have a icon button in the RG that I would like to send Current Cell’s youtube video link to an input. What is the best way to go about this? I tried creating a custom state, but it doesn’t seem to send anything. Screenshots below-

Can Anyone help me with this?

Hi raymondgregorymusic,

One way to do this is by making the Group wrapping your Add/Edit Song form the same data type that’s in your data grid, and then setting the Group song when the plus icon in your popup gets clicked.

Step-by-step instructions might look like:

  1. Set the Type of Content for your group:

  2. Set the Input Initial content to the correct field on the parent group thing:

  3. In the workflow for your popup icon click, set your action to “Element Actions” > “Display Data”:

Now your form will display the info from the selected song.

One note - you will need to make changes to your app to make sure you are correctly creating and/or editing your data items (based on the parent group). The technique described is only addressing getting the data onto the form, not storing it.

Hope that helps!


Yes, but if you decide to clear that input field, then the initial content placeholder will no longer work, until the page is refreshed. There needs to be a way to send text to an input, without it needing to rely on Initial content.

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