Sendgrid-sending automated emails


I have set up sendgrid (API key, sender name) and I have installed the sendgrid plugin (by Copilot).

On my application (2sided rental marketplace) users can send each other messages. What I am trying to achieve is that when User A is writing User B a message in the app (regarding a listing of user B), I want that User B gets an email/notification from my app sender name that user A has written a message. The same when a new user signs up, I want him to receive a welcome message on his email.

(Note: since the user’s email is not “attached” to the listing, I created a field on my Listings data type that is set to type “user”. This way, I am able to source the user’s email in the workflow. When creating a field on one data type that is of another data type, I can essentially link the two allowing my workflows to access data.)

I tried a lot of different things in the sendgrid-send email inputs but nothing has worked so far. Does anyone has an idea how I can achieve that?

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you have to use brackets that target the dynamic content. You create them in substitution tags

Then in Sendgrid panel you have to create template and insert the tags into the email content

e.g. “Hello {{first_name}}”

You can insert user message by creating tag for example {{message}}

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