Sendgrid v. Zoho


For some reason our Sendgrid is not getting emails through to aol or yahoo accounts. We have integrated the API properly and it seems like its working for gmail. Has anyone encountered this issue?

On a different note, we have set up Zoho as our business email provider for the domain. Is there any way not to use Sendgrid and to use a system like Zoho instead? Zoho is free while Sengrid looks like it costs money every month.


Have you set up a SPF record? You will need to set up SPF or TXT records in your DNS settings of your domain to guarantee SendGrid will actually send and not be blocked or go to spam purgatory.

Here is mine:

v=spf1 ~all

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Also worth mentioning:

  • SendGrid is free for up to the first 12k emails/mo

  • Your SPF/TXT record will vary depending on how Zoho needs to be configured if at all in your DNS. In my case, my full TXT record includes both G Suite (Google Apps Business) SPF and SendGrid SPF:

v=spf1 ~all

Hi Daniel,

Were you able to set up Zoho correctly so it works with sending emails? Zoho looks good as it is free as well.


Yes, I’d also like to know how to use Zoho rather than SendGrid.

Sorry for bumping an old topic but I’m really interested in using Zoho Mail for my app and Bubble Support referred me to this forum. Does anyone know how to do this?