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Sending Active User data through API to a Matching Algorithm and then Storing Matches

I could really use some help. I’ve been stuck on the same problem for well over a week and am about to miss some important deadlines for our startup. As such, I’d greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Big Picture
I’m creating a speed networking app, where the conversations are conducted online over video conference. As such, we set-up events and have, say, 50 people register and check-in for an event. Each person would be introduced to, say, 10 people for short, back-to-back conversations with 1 other person in each video converstaion.

I’m using user preference data and a custom R-script to match people for conversations and need to send all of this data to the R-script so it can figure out the best set of matches based on everyone’s preferences. I also need the calculations to be based on who shows up for the event (since some people register and don’t attend), so I’m running the R-script 120 seconds before each new conversation and then storing the matches in our database so it’s ready for users as soon as they need it.

How I’m trying to achieve this

  1. I’m triggering an API workflow to run in the future (1 minute before I need the data). And, I’m running a separate API workflow before each new set of conversations happens. So, if the event is set for people to talk with 10 other people, then the API workflow in the future will be called 10 times.
  2. I’m sending information about 1) the event and 2) each user and 3) each users preferences to our R-script via the API connector.
  3. I’ll store the results from this in our database.

Where I’m stuck
I’m stuck on step 2. Let me know show what i’m doing and perhaps you can help me find a way that actually works for this.

When the event is created in our database, I’m schedule an API workflow in the future (that addresses the timing issue, and that part works). I’m also setting some custom parameters as follows:

Within the role parameter, this is the search query:

And, with the “Search for events registrations” above, this is the query:

This information is then being passed to that API Workflow called “senduserpreferences”. Here’s what that looks like:

Then, I’m using the API Connector to connect to the endpoint where the R-script is hosted. This is working with the static info, but seems to have trouble the text I’m passing in dynamically. It currently looks like this:

In the logs, this is what I’m seeing as the outcome of all of this:

So, the event ID, rating, algorithm, sessions, and cur_session are all being passed through (seemingly correctly). However, user ID, role, and role_num are not.

Any idea what might be going wrong? How would you tackle this same use case?

If someone on the forum can’t help, talk to @levon. He was very helpful when I was setting up API workflow. His rates are reasonable and you could discuss everything in-depth over a Skype screen share.

Thanks for the feedback @Kfawcett!

@Levon has been helping us actually. That’s the only reason we’ve got as far as we have. Unfortunately, he’s been out of town and I can’t wait any longer to get this resolved.