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Sending data from a dropdown to a repeating group

Is there a way to send data from a dropdown to a repeating group via yes’s and no’s. I.e. Submitting yes on the dropdown shows your name on the repeating group and submitting no on the dropdown removes your name from the repeating group.

You just need to have a text in the repeating group that shows current cell’s data type’s name. Then add a conditional that if dropdown’s value is yes then this element is visible and if dropdowns value is no then this element is not visible.

Will this data stay if someone else logins into an account and/or will the data transfer to another page

You can save the yes/no value in the database and then it will persist across sessions if you set the initial/default values of the dropdown to pull from the database.

how would I be able to save the yes/no value in the database?

Is this a layout for a user’s home page or something. What is the use case?

In this case I am using it so people can signup (and if someone were to change their mind, also be able to sign out) for activities at an after school program

Maybe create a field on user that is a yes/no and make it yes by default but change it to no if they select no on the dropdown.