Sending Data to a Group

Hey Everyone,

I am working on creating a mobile 1st app, and I’ve followed that the best way to do so is to keep everyone on one page. I am struggling sending data from one group to the next. Here’s the process

  1. A user Creates a Business
  2. A user Creates Multiple locations for the business

My issue comes when I am creating a location for that specific business. What would be the correct approach for this? or do you have any resources that could help me?

I think you would want to have a business type and a location type, then add a field in the business type of location with the list box checked.

yup that’s how I have the Database setup! My issue is that these aren’t pages where I would be able to send data to page and have the next page pickup what business it was. I am using Groups where the 1st is Open a Business Group and once you hit the submit button a Business is created in the database and it is hidden while subsequently shows the 2nd group Open a Location–> but I am not able to tie the Location to the Business

You need to create a Custom State for the Locations Group and In the workflow for the Submit button on your first group (Creating New Business) you need to add a new action which will Set State for the Locations Group.

You can then keep referencing to that State which then would be populated with the New Business data object and populate your elements in the Location Group

Make sure to set the State type to the Data Type for your New Business Records